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This might should go in the for sale forum but seems better off here. If you are in Ohio you might want to see this auction. They are saying no shipping.


1993 GMC Typhoon High Performance SUV 89,679 Miles Shown. *Exceeds Mechanical Limits*, V8 LSX Engine, Automatic Transmission, 17" Wheels, Bf Goodrich Comp T/A Drag Radial Tires, Twin Turbo Garrett AR 70, (2) Turbo Smart Hypergate 45s, (2) Turbo Smart Raceports, Edelbrock Fuel Rails, Turbo Smart E-Boost, Innovate Air / Fuel Ratio, Accusump Oil Accumulator, Many After Market Enhancements and Extra Parts Included

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19,500???!!! Must have had a lot of nice parts on it. Or a fool or proxy bidder.
I mean it's a clean typhoon.. and looks like the swap work was pretty clean..

imo 19,500 is a little much but still cheaper than building a clean turbo'd LS typhoon.
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