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Just going to start this off.

How many guys are on here that are doing your own tuning?

I bought an HPtuners MPVI3 Interface last September. I attempting to do my own first tune on my 2000 LS10 5.3L/4L60E swap.
I now have it Idling and able to drive it with out it dying at stops. I may pay someone from here. I just haven't made up my mind 1way or another yet...

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Except I have the older MPVI2 from way back in 2021.
Only thing I've done so far is found out the tire and gear ratio wizard sucks.
To get my ZR2 speedo to work I copied that section from another stock ZR2 tune I had downloaded and pasted the whole section into the gear ratio section. The stupid wizard said the factory gear ratio was 2, yes 2, so when I put 3.73 in it multiplied everything by 1.865 which of course didn't work.
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