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What's up guy's? I just bought a 95 S-10 Extended Cab 2.2L 5spd. with 138,000 miles for $2,100 from a guy on craigslist. The truck looks great for it's age and is running great so far too. It has had a decent amount of stuff done to it lately but since I don't know these trucks that well and you guy's do I was wondering if you think I should do anything else as far as maintenance goes? Here is an edited version of the craigslist ad for the truck:

"138k miles. White exterior,Grey interior
Truck has been very dependable and gets good gas mileage. Paint is in good shape. Has a few minor scrapes/scratches which is to be expected for a 15 year old vehicle. But the paint shines real nice and the truck looks good.

Tons of new parts. All the stuff that goes bad on the 2.2's has been recently replaced So the new owner won't have to deal with it.

New (not reman) A/C compressor,dryer,orifice tube, completely flushed the system vacuumed and charged. A/C blows very cold.
New clutch slave,master cylinder and line assembly.
New 180 thermostat
New serpentine belt
New cooling fan pulley bracket
New O2 Sensor
New spark plugs
New spark plug wires
New fuel filter
New headliner
New windshield
New Vent Visors
New front speakers with stock head unit. Also has 4 gauge Amp wiring/RCA's ect run into the extended cab part of the truck. But no amp installed. That will stay unless you want it removed.
Recent oil change with AC Delco oil filter.
Flushed complete brake system with new synthetic fluid
Serviced transmission with new fluid
Serviced rear end with new fluid
Recent Radiator
F&R brakes were recently replaced.
Recent tires
Front end is tight, alignment is good, The truck drives very good.
Converted it to a Mustang SN95 electric fan for added MPG and get up and go. Also has a adjustable thermostat to turn fan on. Fan also automatically comes on when you turn on the A/C. Stock fan can be put back on if needed.
Fixed the windshield wiper board that always goes out and causes the wipers to not work.
20% tint on all windows

The head gasket has been redone since the head gasket on these trucks can be an issue due to the Dexcool coolant GM used. It eats away the gasket and causes over heating issues. The head was freshened up by Dover, new gasket installed and no more Dexcool."

So what do you guy's think? Anything else I should consider doing?

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