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Block is at the machine shop

Heads are being tore completely apart.
Ported/ polished and built with all SS performance head kits from ARI.

Block is getting a 100% make up.

Got my 3.1 camaro crank on order from.

Now just gotta find some 2.8 connecting rods

And then get my pistons from Summit Racing

My intakes are done. Im using a different set of injectors due to the 450cc ones not fitting into my mpfi camaro rail...super bummed out about that.

Still contemplating the tuning. If I wanna do it myself, or take it to a shop

But.. I got my interior done. Carpet is gutted.

Rhino lined the floor.

Starting fab work on body and then while thats happening the rear end is getting changed. Picked up a 96+ 4x4 blazer rear end 28 or 29spline axles, posi, 373 gears, rear disc brakes.

All body work will be completed by the first weekend of October, due to the passanger side inner rocker panel not being available and being apart of the cab.. so thats gotta be custom fabbed up..

Manifold flanges need to be re done. The shop I took them to to be cut out... ended up messing them up.. sooo.. that was a set back.

But its coming along very well.

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PIX !!!! :cool:
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