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Truck for sale- TMS members only

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Selling my truck for $750 obo. Motor is gone, cracked the block cuz of the fking cold. Will need towed or trailered. Offering to you guys first. No one is interested, then will post on craigslist or something. Last resort will be junkyard.

LMK if anyone is interested.

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wish i had the extra cash right now id definetly get it. been trying to find a good priced extended cab for a while.
lol i have a stock gate but its in primer also lol. if your interrested let me know jeff and we can just swap gates if you want.
im interested in the leaf springs if your gonna part it out.
josh your on the right track. i know personally i am one of the ones that slacked off.. as soon as i got rid of the first gen and didnt have a regular truck anymore i totally lost interest. but after the past few months i now have a mini truck again ( half bagged even tho it was fully bagged when i got it) and will have a fullsize again here in the next month or so... camp and drag is another show to look at going too and i know my "big" trip for this summer is to goto relaxed atmospheres all star event down in tennessee and will almost be making a trip out to vegas for sema.. theres alot of smaller shows around. i also have inside news that there will be a show towards the end of the summer put on by lou santiago (spike tv) and a certain shop from southern il that will be drawing a big crowd.. i say open it up to fullsizes,4x4's a little bit of everything even ( nicely done) ricers.
i probably would have .. i can also get discounts on t shirts and stickers made by using my buddys company over in chebanse.
1 - 7 of 51 Posts
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