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Truck for sale- TMS members only

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Selling my truck for $750 obo. Motor is gone, cracked the block cuz of the fking cold. Will need towed or trailered. Offering to you guys first. No one is interested, then will post on craigslist or something. Last resort will be junkyard.

LMK if anyone is interested.

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Ah man! Damn Shawn it sounds like 2010 is not starting out right!
I've got that 305 and 700R4 still.......... just throwing that out there!
I would pick it up from ya, but seeing how I have 3 Blazers and my 03, I doubt momma would be OK with another project.....
It's just collecting dust...........
Jeff needs a stock one in pewter!
i'll defff pick up the 94-97 core support from ya :)
Say what???
I think he was running your old stock aluminum GMC wheels with the tires I sold him.
Ahhhh yes now I remember, then he has the tires I sold him on stock GMC wheels............I think.
Shawn if you really start hacking her apart and need help you know I'm only a phone call away. I have no class on Friday's. And if you really start hacking her up which exhaust do you have on that truck now? The flowmonster or nothing? Regardless I am intrested in all the exhaust pipe, can never have enough tubing!
Lake Land College in Mattoon, majoring in Automotive Technology.
Have not seen ya in a while, Progress closed up, got school paid for so taking advantage. :)
What ever you do Jeff, don't let it sit at the end of your parents drive!
I agree Shawn, I think we need a restructure, maybe more fun family type things. I loved when we went bowling a couple years ago. We need people to show for meets, maybe pick new locations, I loved when we went to Bloomington and Hooters, and Clinton to Ted's Garage,we don't always have to meet in Decatur, maybe Champaign, open up our things to do options. Maybe every other month when there is no car shows we do something like paintball(as long as they have rental stuff)or bowling or w/e. Hell, lets have one big meet a summer, go too Gateway and something of that caliber.
We need to go to more shows and make a prescience, who cares if your vehicle is "show worthy" or not, just shine it up and enter it in.
I think we have become less of a club and more of a group ya know.....

Am I out of line?
Its always been open pretty much, and I don't mean to point any fingers at anyone, I mean honestly, if we did more things would you of kept interest in the "club" even though you didn't have a truck?
I agree with Shawn, we should all meet and discuss the future, come with a fully loaded gun, think of ideas and ways to keep interest in the club. I know I've slacked on the t-shirt department, not this time, I will get shirts ordered if we want them.
Small projects eh..........Jeff I just blew a head gasket on my new 3.4 today coming home, is that a small enough project??
Ya, I'm down for a TMS summit meeting anytime really, well after this weekend anyway, got class all day Saturday and a head gasket to replace! :rant:
1 - 12 of 51 Posts
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