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Truck for sale- TMS members only

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Selling my truck for $750 obo. Motor is gone, cracked the block cuz of the fking cold. Will need towed or trailered. Offering to you guys first. No one is interested, then will post on craigslist or something. Last resort will be junkyard.

LMK if anyone is interested.

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Shawn are you thinking its time to turn a new leaf on the club...more than S-series trucks? hmmmmm?
Sounds like the winter break may be over soon?

I'm down with a serious "summit" type meet. Bring the ideas, notes, comments, gripes...hold nothing back. Anything can be up for change...hell, even the name if we can all agree. Of course, I do mean ALL of us.

Should we tentatively set something up for February or March?
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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