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Hello, this is my first post here and i am deeply in search of some help with my S-10 Blazer.

I have a 1992 S-10 Blazer Heartbeat Edition, 4.3 V6 (Z) TBI
its having trouble starting, once it starts it runs just fine. no bogging or lag of any kinda.. smooth idle..

watching the injectors on the TBI when turning it over, they barely spit out any thing at all.. once started they start dumping fuel like they should. i have checked the voltage during start and that seems to be all fine. i figure its not fuel pump or filter due to no issues after its running.. one person suggested the pickup sensor on the distributor is the issue. but i really think they had just been trying to sell some work (talked to a guy up at pep boys.. ) but i was thinking about it and if that sensor was failing their would be idle and run problems.. it runs fine after started and idle is smooth.

other notes, when the engine temp is at normal its even more of a pain to start.. if you cut it off and try to start it back up, within less than a minute, it takes only a few turns to crank.. in some worst case, i have to use starter fluid to get it to crank over after its warmed up.. and i hate doing that..

this truck went from one turn start.. to having to be kicked around to start up.. i have not changed fueling locations or any thing odd like that. i have had the alternator tested and it turned up good. battery is new-ish (<6mo), holds 12.80 steady.. the truck chunks no error codes.. .. sub note, every once n a while.. when driving across dallas it will toss a code.. but clears it before i could even pull over to check it.. so i figure thats probably just like O2 sensor.. my old 88 blazer 4.3 did that at random..

Other question, not related to above, the ABS/Brake light is on and i have gotten codes from it, it appears to give 12, 61, 65, 22... i know 12 is normally Diag mode code.. and i can not find any listings for ABS Codes online.

Thanks in advance for any help.. this is my 3rd blazer.. and first time with these problems.. :)
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