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I looked to see if I could find a comparable comment. Feel free to point out one I missed.

My 2.2L auto (you can save the performance jokes) develops a whine from the transmission after cruising at about 65-70 mph for about 15-20 miles. When the whine kicks in, the transmission shifts harder and the engine revs high like it's looking for the shift point. The only way to bring the engine speed down is to completely release the accelorator and just coast. When I apply any pressure at all to the pedal, the engine revs high again.

I know if I let it sit for about a half hour, the problem disappears until it's pushed back up to 65 mph to keep up with the traffic.

My first reaction is that both temperature and the vacuum lines are involved here. I try to avoid trans work; I don't know too much about them. Am I still on the right path?
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