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Torsion crossmember 4.3L 94' 4x4 S10

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Banging noise when turning and going over big bumps. Truck started leaning severely to the driver's side after a load of bricks that left 2.5 inches of travel on the rear. I thought that wasn't that bad, well I go to crank my torsion key on the side it was sagging (driver's side). After I crank on it, something just seemed weird and I grabbed the torsion key crossmember. I could move the thing up and down inches without trying. What on earth. My frame isn't even that rusty. Apparently a mount has broken clean off, and it's not even the side i thought had the banging noise. I'm gonna check the other side some day. I read a youtube comment from a video where a guy describes a permanent fix being a chain overtop of the mount and bolted or welded on each side to the frame. I just can't believe this thing broke, in the direction where it isn't loaded at all. I figure it's fine for now because the forces are constrained inside the crossmember and the lower control arm. I might just leave it forever, haha. It seems to be doing fine and cranking my driver's side key completely in seemed to fix the leaning. Any advice or criticism is appreciated, and stories welcome too
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honestly shoulda just welded it haha, making a new post about my mount replacement experience and what I learned
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