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Torque thrust 2s

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A full set of literally brand new torque thrust 2s never put on because I bought the wrong ones, will need an adapter I'm pretty sure for the right bolt pattern! 15x6 and 15x8 I'm fairly sure! Hmu with offers or trades just tryna get rid of em lol I don't need them as I have a Zq8 Sonoma with the zq8 rims which are my favorite lol however I bought the torque thrust 2s for around 2700 a while back! Hmu!
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I need a list of text/twitter speak…🤪🤪
Why are people such asses on here XD literally such a useless ad section, try and sell some wheels that obviously aren't the right fitment for Chevy and get criticism for saying something, I'm 17 literally just trying to sell my wheels so I can move on with my project man
Some people just don't read the rules. That being said, if you want to start a new thread in the Flea Market..go ahead. Either way, this one is closed to further comments. If/when you start a new thread, I'll delete this one.

Please...read the Flea Market Rules. That goes for those that want to comment on price, quality or whatever. If you want to buy...great. Send him a pm. If it runs off the rails again, the non pertinent comments will be deleted.

OP can bump once per week. Any m ore than that and the bump will get deleted.
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