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Too many keys. Where can I find a matching set of locks??

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I have 4 keys to my 1994 S-10 Bazer.
1: Ignition
2: Drivers door
3: Passenger door
4: Rear window/tailgate.

I'd like to buy 3 matching locks to put on the drivers, passenger door and on the tailgate.
GOAL: to go from 4keys to 2.

Can any one point me in the right direction getting the 3 lock mechanisms??

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Looks like I needn't buy a lottery ticket today.

After several calls to Locksmiths, most of them only do residential, there's no magic wand to an easy fix. That round metal you see outside the door with the key cylinder inside......well that is crimped and takes a special tool to remove and to install the new lock cylinder.
A tool I do not have.

The locksmith also said he would need to remove the door panels etc as well and so the labor will be costly.

I asked him if I could drill the old cylinder out from the outside and then remove the round clip on the outside, he
said he would not suggest that.

He's been in business for 25 years......and he didn't seem too keen on taking the project on.

So for now, it's still four keys......tomorrow is another day:(
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Hmmmmm:unsure: Was I delivered a load of BS from the locksmith?????o_O🤥😲😷
I see I can get (2) matching cylinders for the driver and passenger door....but not a 3rd one....I'll keep shopping.
Thanks for the post.
Watched the videos and it seems easy enough even I can do it........or maybe my wife.......depends on if she will let me use her tools.
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Please keep us updated on how things progress/ turn out.
Will do once I check with my cost analysis advsor.......as my optometrist says:

Which looks better? This....or this..........
I just checked Craigslist on a 200 mile search and no one is parting out any locks and keys........

Word must be out.....🔑......I need one....🔑.......and they're playing hard to get.

I honestly got sidetracked trying to fix the power door locks and that was a crash and burn..........💥

then the rattle from the rear window striker got my attention.......so I've been remiss on keeping up

with this thread........
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