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TN Craigslist 2003 Sonoma SL 17k Mile V6 RWD 7.5’ Box $7999

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Not mine.

Search I had set up from when I was looking 2019-2020 yielded this dealership sale. Very few options, but does have the 4.3L, 17K miles, and the 7 ½’ box. Year is listed as 2003, but I thought last year the “long bed” was offered was 2001. VIN indicates 2003. That confuses me. If it is mechanically and cosmetically solid with a clean title, that actually seems like a good price. Maybe some haggling could drive it down even more. Could potentially provide someone 200k-300k miles of daily driving.
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There is some misinformation out there about the 2003 not being available in a long box, but the GM Heritage Center lists a longbox option for 2003. Since they're connected to GM I'd trust them. That and the fact you're looking at one.
For as clean as the rest of the truck is I'm a bit surprised by the pic of the engine compartment. Pretty dirty for 17K.
I'd ask the seller for a car fax since he's asking a pretty hefty price for a truck w/ 0 options. It's not even an LS, so it has the luxurious rubber flooring.
There are sites where you can run the vin to get a list of the RPO numbers to see what options it does have.
Compnine charges $5 to do 5 vehicles.
The S10 hood is the scary part. Must've been replaced. Why?
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