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TN Craigslist 2003 Sonoma SL 17k Mile V6 RWD 7.5’ Box $7999

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Not mine.

Search I had set up from when I was looking 2019-2020 yielded this dealership sale. Very few options, but does have the 4.3L, 17K miles, and the 7 ½’ box. Year is listed as 2003, but I thought last year the “long bed” was offered was 2001. VIN indicates 2003. That confuses me. If it is mechanically and cosmetically solid with a clean title, that actually seems like a good price. Maybe some haggling could drive it down even more. Could potentially provide someone 200k-300k miles of daily driving.
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:unsure: Your question took me by surprise, so to speak. Why do you ask? I am not aware S10 and Sonoma hoods ever differed.
Google GMC Sonoma, you'll see the difference. That is the hood they used on the S10/Blazer and Bravada.
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