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Tire size for '87 4x2

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Tires are about shot on my '87, and I'm planning on replacing the stock rims while I'm at it.

My question- what size rims and tires can I go with on my S-10? I've seen some 15x7 rims on eBay that I like (Hollander 5016)... will they fit (the description said it would fit all 1/2 ton GM trucks, vans, etc., but didn't mention S series trucks.

Assuming the rims will fit, what size tires can I go up to without fear of rubbing? Thanks for the information. Although I haven't performed any mods on my S-10, I've kept it in pretty fine shape and am looking forward to replacing the tired rims.
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I used 205/70/15 on 7" rims on a 91 with a 2" drop with no problems.
Just so I'm clear... does an S-10 have a 5" five bolt pattern, or a 4 3/4"? If I'm not mistaken, its the latter...

S-10 bolt circle is 5 on 4.75"
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