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Tire Size & Rim Backspace Calculator

I have this calculator I made for people to use as a reference...Its got the normal tire calculator for height differnce, gear ratio and mph, but Ive added couple trick calculators to it. My brother spent a few hours doing his calc and I spent a couple days on mine.
Well anyways what the new calculators will do is convert Backspacing to Offset and vice versa. The second will let you know what the backspacing should be if you want to run a certain width tire on said width rim. Its kind of still in the making but I got most of it done and couldnt wait to share our hardwork:D
So when yall have a chance do me a favor, play with it a little???Give me some feedback; the good or bad. If you find a discrepency let me know so I can fix it....stuff like that. Any suggestions let me know.
BTW I used microsoft excel to make it so if you dont have it then I dont know if you can use it....SORRY
Heres the addy:
Calculator Page

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