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Unfortunately, we will no longer be the sponsors in the vendor section by the end of this month (till our subscription expires). In the past one year there is not so much going on S-10 forum so we have decided to shut down our section.
WE are heavily indebted to all of our S-10 fellow members for the support and trust they have shown in us even being a new company. Sometimes we all have to make hard decisions in our life and this is one of them. We will still have our website with same low prices and same service so please do hesitate to ask me for anything you need. I will try my best to help each of our fellow members as much as possible. The S-10 Forum Discount will be good till end of this year so you can still use it.

My deepest apologies to all of you guys out there who have supported us, what ever we have & where we are today is all due to you guys. I do not have enough words to express my feelings, and can't say enough thanks to all of you out there.

Please do not think that we are shutting down we will still be around on S10 and as well as on website but not as a sponsor section members. Wish all of my fellow mini truckers best of luck , God Bless you.

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