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i get several calls a week about how hard it is to assemble a super pivot joint. i agree, its a little tough. you want the pivot ball to be tight, not sloppy ho loosy loose. if a mod wants to take th elinks posted and turn them into pics feel free. i dont know how cause im a little slow in that dept.

step 1.

gather your tools. you will need a hammer/mallet, snap ring pliers, flathead screwdriver, a welding table with a threaded hole in it lol, a wrench, a 1/2" bolt with a spacer, and a spacer with a hole in it to lift the super pivot off the table. pretty simple shit huh?

step 2.

insert the first snap ring

step 3.

flip pivot joint over and drop in one of the big washers

step 4.

insert the big half of the poly bushing

step 5.

put in the pivot ball and tap it with a mallet to push the big half of the poly bushing down to the washer.

step 6.

stare at what you've done so far and say good job.

step 7.

put the other half of the poly bushing in.

step 8.

using a 4 link end bushing we beat the small half of the poly bushing in as far as it will go.

step 9.

drop the other big washer in place

step 10.

rebeating the hell out of it some more to compress the bushing halves.

step 11.

see the threaded hole in the table? thats where this bolt screw into. we put the bolt through the pivot ball and tighten ball down real tight. with the spacer under the pivot housing, there is room for the pivot ball to press down with the force of the bolt.

step 12.

tighten that focker down real tight!!!

step 13.

with everthing compressed, drop in the snap ring.

step 14.

tap the snap ring into the groove with a flathead screwdriver.

step 15.

make sure to push the snap ring ends into place. you dont need them coming out. that equals disaster!

step 16.

now if you worked here you would have this assembly down pat! you would be able to put 100 of these together in about 5 minutes.

there you go. super pivot assembly 101
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