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Thinking about some new wheels for the "03"

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I really like the BOSS 338 wheels, of coarse, who doesn't! Anyway, I also like the Eagle Alloy 225's, but really don't care for all that chrome shiny stuff.
I am really thinking about the black 338's over the gray. What ya think?

And the 225's:
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See, everyone does them in gray. My truck is cherry red, and I've seen a similar style on the color of my truck, this is Phils truck with Coys:

So I know what the gray would look like on my truck, I am really thinking the black......

This is the truck they will be going on(non TMS members):

Jeff, you may need to do some photoshopping for me!!
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/\ 30,000 mile ZQ8's may be up for sale ;)
Jeff, the only issue I have read about is using 1/4 spacers up front and 1/2 longer studs so they clear the dust covers. But your'e saying they are not specific 5/4.750?
I just talked with Steve aka mrwheeldeal, and he told me BOSS has fixed the S-Series issues...........
I guess we will see. But my goal is to have the wheels on by the June 5th cruise in Springfield.
Ok, ordered the wheels yesterday, got a good deal to. But I went back to a gray wheel instead of the black, why?

To much of a contrast between the colors, so I stuck with gray. I went with all 4 18x8(staggered only looks good on reg cab IMO)and a 245/40/18 tire, this was as close as I could get to stock overall diameter.
Pics up when they come and I get em on!!
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Got three of the wheels today,fourth and lug nuts are on their way. Sadly, even after being assured the front's would clear the grease cap, they do not. Even though AEWC says they have the problem fixed, they do not. I am awaiting a responce from Steve at www.mrwheeldeal.com about the issue.
Here is the one I did get mounted to see how they look:
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OK, got the issue resolved, Steve is sending me 1/4 spacers for free to resolve that, now I have to get 1/2 longer studs and get em in, but until then, the fourth wheels and lug nuts came in today:

Glad I went gray...........
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$1100 from mr wheeldeal.
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