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Thinking about some new wheels for the "03"

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I really like the BOSS 338 wheels, of coarse, who doesn't! Anyway, I also like the Eagle Alloy 225's, but really don't care for all that chrome shiny stuff.
I am really thinking about the black 338's over the gray. What ya think?

And the 225's:
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If you dont mind me asking how much did they cost ya. My buddy got the black with chrome lip ones and he had about 1500 off ebay with tires. I am looking into getting some 335s, waiting on a quote from mrwheeldeal.
Got my quote 1458 boss 335 with tires shipped. Not bad probably paying for the chrome. I want some 339s but i dont think they make them in the right offset
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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