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The Ultimate Second Gen Body Kit??

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Hey everyone It pains me to say it but I may need to sell this body kit project .. after long contemplation and soul searching I am looking for a person or company to pass the project on to.
If anyone has any suggestions as to a good home for this project please let me know.
I do believe the project has a lot of potential and at various times had multiple people interested in purchasing the kits, but due to personal issues have been unable to finnish and sell the body kit as a product.
Here's a link to the thread with pics and Info on the truck


Here's a rundown of all the vehicles, parts and what not I have
-one 97 s-10 cab and chassis with air ride and 20" rims (will lay frame)
its currently a roller.
-one 96 s-10 cab with doors
-complete set of professionally built moulds for the body kit
-2nd mold for under hood structure
-cad file for hood latch parts
- start of a plug for bed insert of the body kit
-I believe a full interior for both trucks ?
- and obviously several giant folders with contacts for parts and receipts

any help, advice , or leads would be greatly appreciated.
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Here's some of the pics from the thread


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