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The truck is dead...

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Coming home from work last night. I'm on I-72 westbound, left lane. In the right lane is a semi truck, moving a few mph slower than me, so I stay in the left lane intending on passing (i even pick up the pace a little). From way back, in the right lane, a little red ford focus comes screaming up and is hell bent on shooting through the ever shrinking gap between me and the semi! Well by the time he got to the semi's rear, there was no gap...but they refused to slow up --- THEY CUT INTO MY F-N LANE!!!!! I swerve to miss them, go into the median, rear gets loose, skid back onto the highway, get sideways, clip the semi's trailer hard, spin back around and stop in the median.

hood, right fender and door are crushed. The right A pillar is bent in at a 90 degree angle! unbelievable...i was able to walk out with little more than glass cuts.

I've got some dark pics on facebook now...should get better ones today when i swap out the wheels, headlights, stereo
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I left ya a voice mail Jared.

DAMN just seen the pics! I guess the truck will replaced by a different mode of transport?
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