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The Space Blue Blazer

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Since 90% of the pictures in my old thread were missing and I have some updates to post I thought I'd start a new thread.

I drove down to Georgia a few years ago and bought this. It didn't have much done to it as seen in the pictures below. It's a 2000 Space Blue 2dr 2wd base model.

(Notice how the stereo shop cut up the dash bezel to make the dvd player fit. It also sits out way too far.)

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So here is what is done up until now:

  • Crystal clear headlamps & turn signals
  • 5k HID's
  • Smooth chrome bumper
  • Billet grill
  • SS mirrors
  • Brazillian tail lights

  • Leather seats
  • Converted straight column to tilt w/ cruise
  • Double DIN dash bezel
  • Over 100 SMD LED's
  • Lloyd's floor mats
  • Envoy handles
  • Blue SMD LED's for gauges and HVAC
  • Alero needles

Tilt colum. It sucked driving all the way home without tilt or cruise.

Lowered 4/4.5:
  • 2" DJM coils
  • 2" Belltech spindles
  • Pulled leaf
  • 2" blocks
  • 1/2" blocks
  • 4* shims
  • Set back plates
  • Belltech rear sway bar
  • Street Performance shocks all around
Belltech sway bar comparison.

2.75" u-bolts

  • 350 Vortec
  • LT4 Hotcam
  • LS6 springs
  • Repinned for 411 PCM
  • K&N intake
  • Deleted EGR
  • Patriot headers
  • 2.5" exhaust pipe
  • 40 series Flowmaster
  • 180* thermostat
  • Dodge Intrepid e-fans ran off of PCM
  • JTR brackets
  • 2.8 mounts

Harness removed:

bye bye 4.3:



Repinning stock harness for the extra 2 cylinders.

About everything back together :)

  • Core short throw shifter w/ Hurst arm and ball
  • Cross drilled/slotted rotors
  • 1.5" hub centric rear wheel spacers
  • Flaming River u-joint steering mod
  • ZQ8 steering box

This is what I have gotten done so far in my original thread. I'll post up the new stuff later today.
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looks good.
That is such a killer color. And it just looks oh so right the way you have it sitting and wheel combo.
Looks great! Engine bay looks just about stock. Fantastic like that. The wheels sit amazingly on this truck.
Thanks guys.

I haven't felt like doing crap to it over the winter, but over the last week or so it has been nice enough outside to work on so I've been doing some more stuff.
First I ripped some of the plastic panels off:

Then both sections of the carpet(looks like it came out of the junkyard):

Stained carpet before a good pressure wash(forgot to get an after pic, but it really made the carpet look better):

Back in. The cargo carpet looks real light here, but I think it's just how the sun was hitting it. Also notice how the carpet is covering the accelerator up. I didn't notice this until I got everything back together and cranked it. lol)

$20 rearview camera:

The camera's power only comes on when in reverse.

When I had the carpet out I ran:
  • A power wire under the jute backing all the way to the back and through the tailgate boot for the new rear glass release.
  • An accessory wire under it to the driver side seat so it now has power and heat.
  • For the camera I ran the RC wire with an on/off wire to the rear where the on/off wire and power for the camera are connected to the back up lights.
  • The camera wire is ran up through the floor via a plastic cap that was there from the factory.
  • I also put Gorilla Tape where all of the metal on metal contacts were. I haven't driven it much, but it seems to have made a difference.

Everything is taped down with Gorilla Tape as well.
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How do you like the 350 vortec? I think I am going to do that engine swap when I get the extra money

I love the swap. Decent on gas and makes decent power although I think if it we're dyno tuned it would make a lot more.
That backup camera looks great. I like the lines going back to show distance. Image quality looks pretty good, too.
what type of outlet did you put where the ash tray is?
I am glad to hear that you like the power, and it look like it was put there from the factory. I plan on putting a t56 behind my swap. Cant wait to do it now... Lol
what type of outlet did you put where the ash tray is?
idk to be honest. I have some left over if you want to buy them.

I am glad to hear that you like the power, and it look like it was put there from the factory. I plan on putting a t56 behind my swap. Cant wait to do it now... Lol
Yeah a T-56 would be nice.
really nice man, glad to hear u still have it... to me is the best looking 2 door blazer in the forum hands down... everything u did is very nice looking and also tastefully usefull... keep it up...

btw i am getting some blazers tailights....2:p
Thanks man I appreciate it. I still have more things to do to it which will hopefully be coming within the next couple of months.
Did you ever hear back about the fogs in that other Blazer?
Heck no. I Pm'd him on two different forums and sent him two emails.
Wel...quit messing around and figure it out.....

Then share...lol
I've compared what his looks like to mine and I'm fairly sure he trimmed his frame to get them in place.
I love space blue metallic
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