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I was chosen by a forza employee to do a wright up on one of 5 forza fan cars and I was chosen some months ago. Here's a ton of links to the same story if you care to share it point it and burn it whatever have you. I'm filled with pride to see MY typhoon on xbox one and not just some typhoon.

Here it is. From Johns email to me.

But here they are officially:


and on the news page:


and on the FM.net Home page:


And now on our facebook page:


and the johniwanna facebook page:


and our twitter:


Looking forward to hearing from you when the Black Widow is back on the road.


There's a couple flu be but for the most part it's all good. No Kenne bell AFPR I'm running a full billet PTE unit from sportmachines. And you'll notice on auto correct cyclone but other then that it's pretty straight forward.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Haven't stopped by in a while. Been busy with work and project BattleWagon (408 CI turbo, full cage prerunner tahoe. Lots of mods. Too much to list) but when she hits the suspension shop I'll start whittling away at the pile of typhoon parts I have laying in the living room. 67mm turbo, full SS exhaust system from RPM, meth kit, TiAL external gate, finish the big a2w setup. Some of the upgraded parts going in the ty are currently on the 6.0 LS in my 97 prerunner tahoe like injectors and CAI. Shooting for 600awhp eventually.

The BattleWagon is already being called out for magazine articles (4 linked 6 over bent moly kingpin I beam up front, fk 3 piece moly 1.25" hiems with Teflon seals on every pivot point, over 900 bones in just hiems.) I'll post Typhoon progress photos as I go.

Current photo of her father ass.


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that's pretty cool, maybe somebody can let them know that the Hurst Olds in Forza is a 1969 not a 1968... completely different cars and it bothers me to shit and back.
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