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That's Right! 8-TRACK!!! (need wiring help)

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Hey guys!
Just bought a NOS 8-Track player to install in my '95 S-10. Stock unit, no rewiring yet. Hot wire, ground, hanging, all that shouldn't be too difficult, but speaker connection?

The 8-track is only a 2 channel system, so I'm looking for opinions on:

Should I just splice in to like the 2 door speakers? 2 dash speakers?

Ideas are appreciated.

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That's pretty cool. I don't have a way to play 8tracks but I do have a way for records and cassettes. It's taking time but I've been converting tapes to mp3's to be able to add them to either a sd card or my cellphone. Right now all my cd's are on my cell phone right now.
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People still listen to records. Guess what, they sound like crap too. I don't give a damn how nice the turntable is. So yeah, it's not always about sound quality.
Walmart sells both the records and the players. They even sell the crates for the records. We have one or two music stores here that sell it all from 8 track to cds. They even have the old school stereos too. It's not always about sound it's more about the memories they made for someone. I have most of my dads and he passed away a few years ago so it's cool to listen to what he would have. But I do have newer records of my own too.
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1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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