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Just wondering why the transmission cooling ports aren’t wanting to thread in the 1/4 nps fittings from my old th350. Does my new transmission somehow have tapered threads or what?
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Are you talking about this because i found this in one of my parts bins and it seems to thread in about 2 turns by hand. about a week ago i ordered a 1/4 npt fitting as well just to try it and it threads in 3 turns then gets tight by hand. I’ve just heard of people cracking cases and i really don’t want to have that happen.
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Well it’s a b&m summit th350 that i ordered so i figured everything would be factory but i guess not? That’s just weird because why wouldn’t they test that kind of stuff and put on the paperwork and say straight up what the fitting should be.
If i was to tap and make the thread to what they’re supposed to be wouldn’t i have to pull the main pump out and like get the contamination(shavings) out or what?
That’s the thing they say they don’t know anything about it and they can’t do anything about it and there’s no info about it.
I just figure why would it be like this do they want me to use tapered fittings?
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