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as many have seen i get to start over with a z this time. there was some things with the red truck that i wasnt really happy with and i learned alot through that process that hopefully means this one should come out better.

thats when i brought it home i didnt keep the wheels and tires since it seemed pointless with my plans

thats how she sits right now i've got the ifs out and next plan of action is to fix the frame

yeah its pretty bad but now that i've got the junk out of the way i can figure out a plan to fix it

i havent decided yet if i want to run the stock z axle or roll the 14 bolt under it. still need cc hubs for it
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its ok ish its got buckets tho which i dont like. outside is actually pretty decent for this area their just isnt a hole lot of s-series in much better shape and its way better than the red one so i'm happy
I sure am glad are rigs don't rust out around me , I say do the 14 bolt
Man You Stole that ZR2 for 500!!! Even if You have to get a frame section from a wrecked one!!! Im sure You wont need that Extreme of measure but do whatcha gotta do :)
IF You were closer I would work a deal on the 63" rear D60 FF Ive got... Its perfect for a Waggy 8lug conversion :) Needs rebuilt , gears & a Detroit though but for Free I aint bitchin LoL
With the ZR2 youll get a better build because of the Red truck & learning curve!!! You gonna run Waggy 7leaf springs??? Im gonna run the Waggy rears on My junk & build a bastard pack for the rear of the Blazer from the broke front Waggys I have!!! Itll make the shackle angle Way better on the old 2wd frame :)
Man You Stole that ZR2 for 500!!!
I thought so too

Even if You have to get a frame section from a wrecked one!!! Im sure You wont need that Extreme of measure but do whatcha gotta do :)
i think i'm gonna get a piece of c-channel or similar and shove inside the hole weld that solid then take the ripped off part of the lower control arm and weld it back where it goes and of course weld up the cracks and such

You gonna run Waggy 7leaf springs???
i wish, gonna run what i have when its comes to that and just stick with the dakota springs
Jealous! Always wished i swapped a Z...
I need to get a pretty big pc of cardboard so I can fab a tie-in out of 1/4 plate where I cut the craddle out of My junk... Kinda cap it all off type of deal!!!
Hey Terry did Ya get that Jig Saw Puzzle welded up???

that thing was a bear to drag under there by myself i dont remember it being that tough last time lol. probably didnt help that it just wanted to sink into the soft ground.

i havent tackled the frame repair yet but i have some ideas just gotta get some metal
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I dragged the d44 under the z, after that experience I put the wheels on the axle and rolled it under lol.
if i had a shop crane(cherry picker what ever you choose to call it) i would have done it that way, but with just floor jacks its pretty challenging to get it jacked up high enough to do that. i'm a wuss when it comes to jacking a vechile up now too. every since ol' red fell i get scared of a repeat lol
I know lol, I had some tall logs that I set the truck on to get the axle under it.

I had the 92 s10 fall on me a while ago, had the truck on jackstands and it rolled off them, luckily it was tall enough it didn't even touch me, but I got a nice view of the transfer case coming down above my head. Then I was lifting the ZR2 up to get the front wheels off the ground I got it high enough and slid a jackstand under the axle before I was done positioning the jackstand the jack broke and the truck came down and the bumper gave me a big bump on my head. If I hadn't just barely got the jackstand under the axle the truck would have come down a lot further! Now I only use the shop crane.
4 link the rear axle , then you dont really have to worry about the bad frame, just patch it up to look good, 14 bolts are great,, no doubt,, but if yo not running 39,s your losing lots of ground clearance , d60 in rear :cool:
the bad spot is in the front, lower control arm mount ripped clean off. and there isnt a d60 that will match waggy width. altho you are correct the 14 bolt is way over kill for my use but i already have it so its getting used
Terry My rear D60 is 63" wide!!! Settin out by the shop... It needs gears & rebuilt but I have one if you want the #s to run...
nah no sense in spending money when what i have will work. sure if i had the money to spend again i'd looked for a d44 a little longer cause that'd been plenty good enough for me. at least with the 14 bolt i'll never have to buy another rear axle again for this truck
throwed some rollers on it today it seems pretty low to be soa. the rear is still sitting stock

ground to fender in the front with bald half flat 265's
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I never measured ground to fender, but it is 13'' from the top of the tire to fender, and 28.5'' from ground to bottom of the door.
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