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Tealtank great seller!!

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Bought a gasket and headbolt set from him. Everything was just like he said, factory sealed. It was packaged good enough that I think he could have shipped a carton of eggs and they would not have cracked!! Best packed package I have every gotten!! Thanks again.

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Thanks Karl! Good working with you, too!
I bought some seats, very well packaged and were desribed accurately, so there were no surprises when I opened the boxes.

Seat discussion:

Sold from IL to TX. 38lb seats plus 12lb packaging materials in each! Also threw in some plastics for him that he didn't ask for or know about.

Triple cardboard bottom. Styro sheet against the back. Styro peanuts fill every void, 2-3 boxes used to make each seat box. 50lb shipping weight. Nothing skimped!

Good buyer, formed a good relationship. I even helped hook him up with a truck from my local craigslist! He's piecing together a nice truck!
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received the diff bushings in great shape...the way they were packaged by tealtank you'd think they were collectors items...haha

Thanks again Matt!
Haha, based on that cardboard backer, they almost looked like antiques! Glad you're happy with them. Thanks again.
Bought some body washers/retainers, exactly what I needed. Thanks!
Glad to help. Thanks again!
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