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I want to do a Factory Camaro TPI injection setup on my 350. I've seen it done on many S-Trucks in books and online but I have a bunch of questions: Somebody please help me out!

  • Will a 85 TPI setup connect and work with a 94 4.3 CPI computer?
  • Does the year of TPI matter?
  • Will TPI work with the Digital dash?
  • Will I still be able to use whatever heads, and cam I want?

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Did a TPI into a 94 RCSB 4x4 20 years ago.
85 is the worst year TPI
90-91 are the best.
Which base you use determines which heads you can use. Corvette's were all old style perpendicular to head bolts because they all had aluminum heads. 87 up F bodies used the 72° angle middle bolts and only work with smog era heads. You can hog out those middle 4 holes and ghetto adapt them. At one time someone did make little aluminum adapter washers cut at an angle.
No you 94 ECM won't work.
The digital dash does not tie into the ECM so it'll work if you reuse your current senders.
There are 3 books that I know of that thoroughly explain TPI. Each uses a slightly different approach to running and modifying TPI's. Buy and read all three.
TPI was originally designed to add torque to the 305. It is a low rpm setup. If you are going to a big cam and high flow heads TPI will fight you. There were a few aftermarket bases with matching improved runners that cure the lack of high end flow, but they're getting real rare and overpriced. Like this Accel Superram manifold that recently sold for $1200
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