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I don't know where to post my question. Figure you V8 guys would know best.
I bought a Taurus fan to install. I was hoping it would free up space. It doesn't really.
I would like to know if anyone has removed and flipped the fan, then wired it backwards?
I'd like it better up front if I can. The fan moves so much air, and I don't have AC. It should be able to cool plenty.
I've cut down several of these shrouds for a closer fit . Front mounted fans can create unneeded airflow restrictions. Usually rear mt. fans are best.
I'd return it simply because it's a Doormat. Everything they make is junk. There are many fans out there that are slimmer. Both factory and aftermarket. Unfortunately most aftermarket are Chinese like your Dorkman.
Is your truck a V8? PM @Harley, he has come up with some pretty novel combos that work well. It's surprising how small a fan and rad are actually needed. Those Taurus are amperage hoes. You need heavy duty relays for them to keep from toasting them. I think they really spike on start up.
Wasn't aware of any new parts still made in USA.
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