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switch and motor fine, window won't go up

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so I have a 2000 s10 ext cab, couple of months ago the driver's window wouldn't go back up unless I rolled both windows up at the same time, this happened once so I changed the switch in the door. a few more months go by and I can't get my window to go up at all so I left it down for a few days and kept trying it and eventually, it came up, but now it doesn't work at all. I rolled it back up this time by jumping the motor from a Milwaukee battery. I checked all fuses and relays idk where to go from here also the passenger window still works fine. the motor and switch is fine where do I check now?
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I changed the switch and the motor works when I jump it. I also checked all the fuses and relays
There is a possibility that something has broken in the mechanism and the window is cocking and binding. Try pulling up on the front then the back of the glass when trying to raise it.
I got the window to go backup by jumping the motor. the door and window are mechanically fine, I just have a problem between the switch and motor, unless the motor is bad and only worked because I used a 18v drill battery
Again...regulators can be hit or miss when they start to go bad. The mechanism uses nylon rollers that will eat themselves in two pieces. I just replaced mine because of that. Does it jump when you try to go up or down?
I didn't know that. it didn't jump or make any weird noises any of the times it went up or down. being that I have the door panel off I'll take a look a look at it though. on another note, when I press the button nothing happens, like the motor isn't getting power. I will also put a voltmeter on the plug at the motor to make sure
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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