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Blazer Bucket Seats

Ok so I am trying to get some much needed parts for my blazer and I need to get a Driver seat with brackets for my Blazer, my brackets are busted and my seats are pretty hammered on. If anyone has any or you see them for sale let me know. I have heard twice now of people selling some for 40 bucks but always a day later or after they had been sold. So if everyone would keep there eyes and ears open and just let me know I would appreciate and might even kick down a finders fee.

Also looking for some interior parts in the dark grey vinyl mainly just door panels and front and rear seats .
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Don't be bitter, stick it in her shitter.
Next time you're cruisin craigslist look for a backseat for my ext cab. I try to check once in a while but can't look as often as I'd like.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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