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(SW Michigan) Chevy S-10 Aftermarket Rims and Tires

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This set of rims and tires came off a truck that im turning into a buggy truck so I will not need them. I have no idea how many miles are on them but 2 of them look to have 90% tread and the other 2 have about 60% life left. The rims have all 4 caps and are in great shape. I would say a 9 out of 10 since there are very small imperfections.

Rims are American Racing 15" rims. I could not find anyone selling these rims and I think they look rather cool almost like Corvette rims. I would have to say they are at least worth $60 each.

The tires are Radial G/T Road Huggers. 2 of the tires are size P275/60SR15 and have 60% life left. The other 2 are P215/65SR15 and have 90% life left. There is some weather cracking starting. Look around and cant seem to find anyone selling these either. I would say 2 of them are worth $45 and the other 2 worth $25.

If you would like to get ahold of me shot me a text or call me up at six 1 6 - eight 3 six - sevin 4 four 4. Thanks for looking, Brian.
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Bump. Droped price from $350 to $300.
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