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I recently purchased a 1993 4.3 S10 4x4 Blazer which had a blown head gasket, retired forest svc vehicle. While doing the top end gaskets I ran into both the LH and RH exhaust manifolds were cracked. No recycle yards within 150 miles had them.... Just my luck! I found a 2002 S10 4X4 frame and 4.3 motor. The manifolds are the same only with the heat stove pipe. Whew got lucky there.... Along with just by chance had the front suspension parts replaced not to long before the man I bought it from decided to go with a ZR2 frame. I want to swap out the rear axle to my 93, disc brake upgrade. Both rolling frame and my Blazer are Du6 3.42 gears. I want to rob the front and install under my 93 but I don't know if the geometry is the same from 1st gen to gen 2. Has anyone ever done this? If so can anyone let me know? Thanks in advance.
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