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well tonight i took my truck to the track again with a new pulley holding 12lbs of boost on a built 355....well i have 20in smoothies with SD 5 Link, and nitto 555zr rated tires , and VHT on the tires... well i ran a 13.676 at 101.45mph first pass, and it kept pullin of 13.6 runs, and i was easing into the throttle to keep wheel spin down... well i got in the opposite lane that has VHT sprayed down, its a really sticky lane, well i hit it hard off the line and then shifted to 2nd gear and i felt the rear end go down and my driver side rear wheel pass me...it actually went downt the entire 1/4 track and beat the other car i was running but it hit the wall and i saw sparks fly i knew my wheel was history, havent even had them a month. but didn't break anything else on my truck, just the axle...actually the wheel got a small scuff. but i guess if you play you pay. 2 weeks ago i was running a 13.8 at 105mph, first weekend the track had been open and it was really slick, and that was with a 6lb pulley on. with the new pulley its hard to keep traction, but i guess it bit just enough to snap the axle.
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