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Does anyone know about that super tech synthetic oil? Is all synthetic the same or are name brand ones better. Right now I use castorl synthetic but I was going to change to the cheeper stuff if it was just as good. What do yall think?

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its walmart brand oil i know this becuz i work in the automotive dep in a walmart, just buy the good stuff when it comes to oil dont cheap out. i would say the castrol your using is much better oil then super tech, how ever i do know a few people that use nothing but super tech in there new cars but when we change it it looks realy bad.

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Nope Syn oil is not the same. There is PAO oil which is syn but
doesn't help with seal swell and then there's ESTER oil that
does help with seal swell. Royal Purple is a a bit of ESTER
based oil and works pretty good, but it not a true syn oil.

If you want a really good syn oil Redline is one as well as
ELF oil and a couple of others..Here's some interesting info.
Most big oil companies are selling synthetics but they are using a hydrocracked mineral oil. This is now legally called synthetic but its a dino oil that is highly processed to have the exact same length hydrocarbon chains like a real synthetic like a PAO or ESTER. Its a mind game to the public. The "big" companies love to play on the word "synthetic"

group 1 is mineral regular.
group 2,3 is hydrocracked mineral oil. Group 3 is legally considered synth
group 4 is PAO
gropu 5 is ESTER

Valvoline sells a sythetic oil (if they haven't changed the formula) a 5w30 and 10w30 is a group3 but the 20w50 version is a PAO. Kinda screwy isn't it.

I dont know how to read the MSDS sheets but those will indicate what oil base is used.

Castrol syntec is a group 3 oil that has been sold as a synthetic for years. BS isn't it.

I've seen virgin oil analysis of Redline synthetics and they are ESTER based and have alot of moly in it. This is a very desiereable additive. Alot of racers swear by the ester stuff from Redline.

Dave, ask alot of questions. Just realize that alot of oil companies are fooling people out there and they know it.

Oil formulations isn't a big deal. If you know the right people. My friend has worked with MOTUL and ELF. Along the way my friend has met alot of people that are the ones that formulate the oils and the additive packages. He is on his way of developing his own high quality synthetic oils aswell. Alot of the R&D is done and the additives are easily blendable. The guys who formulate know what it takes its just a matter of how much you want the oil to cost (final product) by adding the oil additive packages in the high quality oil bases.

PAO is excellent but the real high end oils are ESTER based.
And this.
I cam across this quote on the internet, from here http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/t488924.html

"Royal purple is not a true 100% synthetic. It is a Group 4 and 5 with a Group 3 basestock."

Maybe this is why it sheds heat better than Mobil 1? Of course I don't know very much about Mobil 1 and what it's base is.

Thats kinda normal mix. The group 3 basestock is there to help the swelling of the seals. PAO (group 4) promotes seal shrinkage so usually the formulators add some components that help "swell" the seal so the seal remains consistant without oil leaks. Ester is a "sweller" but Royal purple wont put alot of group 5 because they are cheapasses Wink Ester is too expensive to put in so most oil companies wont put alot of ester for swelling purposes they'll use group 3 mineral oil.

Mobil 1 apparently has the largest supplies of PAO in the world!!!!! So I'm assuming they are the ones that put some of PAO in the supersyn Mobil 1.

Mobil 1 is very popular because of advertisement and its marketing to alot of supermarkets and hardware stores.
This is from an air cooled VW forum. VW's needs a lot of
protection from oil. So if this info above is good enough for
a oil cooled VW, then a water cooled engine can only
benefit even more so. I use Royal Purple now with no problems,
but next goes time Red Line goes in.
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