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(the 2 is because i posted this same thread on a wrong forum location, hope this one is right..lol)

I am new to the Sdime forum, and was lookin through some of the members rides, and all i saw were lowered and pro-streeted.
Now my question is, does anyone here have a V-8 s10, i mean 350 or bigger, with pics? I am in the porcess of "Creating" my 1st Chebby S-10.
Motor: 400SB bored 30 over to make a 406
Heads: Brodix Track 1 (cant remember cc's)
Lower End:Skat Steel Crank
Tranny:power Glide 2 spd (Fast and Faster)

I am also going to do some serious Firewall mods and Raise the motor 4 inches, and back 8-12 inches. (For the wheel standin')

Hooker Headers
EdleBrock Highrise w/ and EdleBrock 850 CFM carb.

I need advice or basically any experienced feedback on doing this. I am SUPER excited about my s10, and i want to make sure i do it right.

She is gonna be a Strick Drag S-10, no pro streetin' here.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.
Nice Forum By the way!!:spam:
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