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Im reposting this from the SyTy forum. Please keep a look out.


Hey guys, I haven't been on here since I sold my typhoon and it saddens me that this is what brings me back here. My friend Paul James had his 1992 typhoon and 1991 syclone stolen this morning from the Venice area of Los Angeles. He recently purchased the Syclone but the typhoon was passed down to him by his dad who was the only owner and recently passed away. It was an heirloom that he would refuse to sell so this is even harder than just a stolen truck.

I am working on getting more details and pics but I will make due with what I have at the moment. I am posting this for him as he is busy trying to get security footage from his area and talking to police.

If anyone sees anything suspicious or has any info please contact Paul james or myself, I have put our numbers below.

Contact info- Paul James (310) 924-7112
Eddie Burke (310) 980-4583

Date Stolen- 2/12/2014

Time Stolen- Approximately 6am this morning

Typhoon info

License plate # -tyfoon


Color- Black

Syclone Info

License Plate #-37557d1

Vin- 1GDCT14ZOM8801310

Color- Black

Please, please, please everyone keep an eye out and send this info along to any other forums that might help. I will be reposting this to r3v and lafixed, we are all a tight knit community and this always sucks to happen to anyone.

If these get returned there will be no questions asked and I am even offering out of my own pocket a $1,000 dollar reward leading to the return of these cars. Again, no questions asked.

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This sucks I'll keep my eyes peeled, I would look into the people who you recently bought the syclone from, but also try to fish whoever it was out by posting up a looking for sy/ty parts add on ur local craigslist. These trucks are so rare I dont understand what they can do with it parting it out or selling it is going to bring attention there just sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for things to cool down.
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