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Hello, just purchased my first S-10. My Dad owned 3 while I was growing up and my brother has owned 3 Blazers.
Just bought this beauty 1991 EC/4.3/5 speed tucked away in western NC.
I got it home and decided to give the truck a more thorough check.

The first thing I noticed were the seats, but I assumed that the person before me just swapped them out . . . but after checking the RPO codes, it has the BAJA package and the ‘BAJA’ written in some type of marker behind the brake booster. It also has the front diff and xfer case skid plates.

The real head-scratcher is there or no decals on the bed, nor does it look like it ever had the bar. It’s possible the bumpers were replaced due to rust, but there’s not even a shadow on the paint where the decals would be
I’m going to check the local Chevy dealer to see if anyone has a clue as to why it would have the package, but no decals.
If anyone here wants to give their input, it’s very welcome!
Again, so glad to be part of the S-10 community. My boys are excited to ride around with dad in the rear jump seats!
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