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I have a ZQ8 that has 104,000 miles on the original suspension. I have measured the static sag on my shocks because I am in the market for adjustable units. The QA1 rear adjustable shocks measure as follows:

Measuring from eye center to eye center

Compressed: 14.8"
Extended: 23.8"

For them to be compatible with 3" overall drop, the static sag should be some where around 19.3" from eye center to eye center. With my suspension being 104,000 miles used I am seeing a static measurement of 17.750" This is on a stock ZQ8 suspension (only 1.5" drop). This would leave only 2.95" of compression.

Now on this worn out suspension I am quessing that there is only 2.5" worth of rod sticking out of the ZQ8 shock tube as it is. If I kept the leaf in the same position by using a combination of .375" Axle set back plates, 1.5" block, and a combined 4º worth of pin shims on top of that; I might be able to get away with the QA1 shocks considering a new shock would change the static sag over the 104,000 mile used ones.

I also have a new pair of 3" drop leafs sitting in the garage as well. Just a pain in the butt trying to figure all of this out. If I use the drop leafs it will shorten the length from eye to eye because the arch on the 3" leafs is different than the arch on the ZQ8 leafs.

Don't suppose there is anyone on here that has a 4.3L ZQ8 Ext.cab, 3 door, step-side with low mileage that is also willing to crawl under the bed and measure thier eye center to eye center static sag?????

If anyone has another angle on this please let me know. I don't see how I could install the drop and expect to get usable numbers with no shock in place. Can I?

:rant:I need a bear

[walking to fridge...]:haha:
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