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Sticker needs

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I am going to make another batch, they are still the same cost post up if you need or want, and how many you need.

I will be placing the order monday so get it in by then. Also do not order if you can not pay, I was not paid for a couple of the last ones. Sorry but kind of annoying.

And post up you wants and needs sticker wise.
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yes i just need to pick them up.
Soooooooooooo yeah finally picked the damn things up after a couple mis-communications.

So who needs what and who do I owe?
I have 4 lol

Oh, would I be able to get the file e-mailed to me?
They had to re-create the image off of one of the old stickers. (actually the one on ******.) And I have not been able to find the file, I will send an e-mail and see if they have it now.
****** saves the mother fucking day!
Aren't you glad it did not get parted.:p
She never returned my e-mail sorry. As for the stickers, Salami got his I had them down there but you were to cool to come over. You want me to send them to you?
The weekend before last, you know this. But since Vanessa, Derek, Mitch or Tony were not also around you did not want to see me :(.
Sent the files to Donna Cakes, anybody else wants them let me or him know.
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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