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Let me start by saying I know I am not a regular user here. And no I did not make a purchase from an ad or deal on this forum. I did however pay someone, who frequently posts on this forum, who stole my $. I would like to prevent anyone else from getting scammed by him.

The user's name is SteveHHYou can click the name for his user profile.

My issue with this guy is that he was selling .380 ammo on a forum BersaTalk.com. I contacted him via PM and he said he would ship 7 boxes of WWB .380 ammo for $100. This sounded like a good deal so I sent him a USPS money order in the amount of $100. I will list the events in chronological order to show how this guy has screwed me out of my money and creates one lie after another.

8/17/09 - $100 money order sent to Steve Hasbrouck of Levittown, PA.
8/24/09 - $100 money order is cashed by Steve Hasbrouck at a Fulton Bank
9/01/09 - Around this date I contact Steve via PM on BersaTalk.com and inquire of the status. He says he has not received my money order. I contact him a week later and he still claims that he has not received my money order. BersaTalk.com changes their Forum code to a different format and access to the old forum is restricted so I was unable to pull the PM conversations from there. Steve does not register on the new site so I have no form of contact for him. I search the internet for him and discover his email address. I also track him down to this forum. I later file an inquiry with the USPS on the status of my money order.
9/28/09 - I receive the result of my inquiry with the USPS on the money order.
9/28/09 - I contact Steve via AIM chat and ask what the status of my ammo is. He initially claims he sent it, and that I should take it up with UPS. Once I inform him that is his responsibility he changes his story. He claims that he received my money order but the envelope was "all ripped up and shredded". But the scan of the money order shows it to be in perfect condition. How can an evelope be so damaged without the contents being damaged? He claims he will send me some new ammo when it comes in if he can't get it sorted out with his "shipping company that he uses".
10/08/09 - I contact Steve via PM on this forum as did not see him on AIM after our initial chat nor had I heard from him. He ignores my PM and replies to threads on this forum.
10/09/09 - I send another PM to Steve requesting he just refund my $100 and give a deadline of 10/16/09 to comply. He finally responds and claims he does not have the $100 and that the people at his shipping company do not have the tracking information and he did not keep records of it either. Steve claims he can send some Glaser Silver Saftey slugs in the mean time. He states he has to take care of his family first.

This sparks off a lot of PMs back and forth. I will post those in another post. Over the past few months he has sent me two $10 checks. Each with a signed note stating that he would pay me back the rest later. I have been watching his posts here and have seen that he has no problem spending money on parts for his truck or other luxury items. When I question him about it he claims someone else bought it for him or whatever lie he comes up with at the time.

The bottom line is this. I have come to accept that I will not see the rest of my money. This jerk has lied to me countless times and is nothing more than a scammer who was stringing me along to keep me from taking action. I am posting this to prevent someone else from being scammed by this loser.

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Chat transcript from AIM:

(10:58:30 PM) djriggz: Steve Hasbrouck?
(10:58:52 PM) imjesusonxtc: DJ Riggz?
(10:59:16 PM) djriggz: I sent you a money order for $100 for some .380 ammo.
(10:59:56 PM) imjesusonxtc: when was this? the last batch of ammo I had went like a mofo and was all sent out
(11:00:24 PM) djriggz: Aug. 17, 2009
(11:00:44 PM) djriggz: it was cashed on Aug. 24, 2009
(11:00:53 PM) djriggz: you claimed to have not received it
(11:01:15 PM) imjesusonxtc: i would take it up with UPS, all my stuff is sent UPS Ground soooo I believe it is ofically insured for 120.00 USD
(11:01:40 PM) djriggz: take what up with UPS?
(11:01:46 PM) djriggz: you said you never got my money order
(11:02:35 PM) imjesusonxtc: well i sent all my .380 stuff out im assuming you were one of the recipiants, so if you were I would make a claim on UPS for insurance $ on said ammo
(11:03:00 PM) djriggz: how am I supposed to make a claim when nothing was sent to me?
(11:03:28 PM) imjesusonxtc: i always send a tracking # out when I send something to someone notifying them to be on the lookout
(11:03:42 PM) imjesusonxtc: never got that?
(11:03:43 PM) djriggz: you did not send me that
(11:03:50 PM) imjesusonxtc: hrmmm
(11:03:57 PM) djriggz: we discussed this transaction on bersatalk.com
(11:04:08 PM) djriggz: my username there is: riggz
(11:04:40 PM) imjesusonxtc: that was so long ago man, gimme your name and addy I will see if my mailbox store can pull the slip and get me a track #
(11:05:06 PM) djriggz: i informed you that I would open an inquiry with the US Postal Service because you said you never got my money order
(11:05:13 PM) djriggz: Brian Hampton
(11:05:21 PM) djriggz: XXXXXXXXXXXXX (address excluded)
(11:05:42 PM) imjesusonxtc: ohhhh I remember you now!
(11:06:05 PM) imjesusonxtc: it got to me but all ripped up and shit and was cashed indeed, i got it in one of those plastic bags from the PO
(11:06:34 PM) imjesusonxtc: yeah I sent your ammo out, you never got a # from me?
(11:06:37 PM) djriggz: no
(11:06:52 PM) imjesusonxtc: i lost internet access around that time so it could be that
(11:07:00 PM) djriggz: I have a scanned image of the Money Order that shows it to be fully intact and signed
(11:07:24 PM) djriggz: cashed at a Fulton Bank in Philadelphia
(11:07:55 PM) imjesusonxtc: it was intact, and it was cashed, im saying it got to me after we spoke of it of a ripped up envelope in a plastic PO baggie
(11:08:10 PM) djriggz: oh ok
(11:08:32 PM) imjesusonxtc: it was kinda funny, worst thing i ever saw, i was like wtf is this??
(11:08:38 PM) imjesusonxtc: lol
(11:09:06 PM) djriggz: probably got stuck in the sorting machines
(11:09:16 PM) imjesusonxtc: but yeah i will try to get you the track #, what is your email addy so i can send it to you, you will need to file a claim with UPS if you never got the ammo
(11:09:24 PM) djriggz: [email protected] (email excluded)
(11:09:33 PM) imjesusonxtc: ok cool
(11:09:43 PM) djriggz: also, the sender needs to file the claim
(11:09:51 PM) djriggz: not the receiver
(11:10:24 PM) imjesusonxtc: ok alright ill sort this all out man, i dont dick anyone out of anything so you will get your $ back or ammo
(11:10:30 PM) imjesusonxtc: how many boxes was it for?
(11:10:49 PM) djriggz: was for 7 50round boxes of .380 WWB
(11:11:34 PM) imjesusonxtc: well i dont see wwb comming in ne time soon, but I have Federal AE on the way would that be a suitable substitute if i work this out with UPS?
(11:12:00 PM) djriggz: that would be fine.
(11:12:16 PM) imjesusonxtc: allright let me hit the store on wed and see what happens
(11:12:27 PM) djriggz: thank you
(11:12:44 PM) imjesusonxtc: not a prob man, you got rounds to get you by for now?
(11:12:50 PM) djriggz: no
(11:13:03 PM) djriggz: not for that gun
(11:13:50 PM) imjesusonxtc: allright what im going to do is send you 4 packs of Glaser Silver Safty Slugs HP's...hold you over ya know while this gets worked out, expect that late next week
(11:14:34 PM) djriggz: ok my full address is:
Brian Hampton
XXXXXXXXXXXXX (address excluded)
(11:15:06 PM) imjesusonxtc: OK, it will go out friday, im picking up a case on wed
(11:15:21 PM) djriggz: ok i will look forward to your email
(11:15:28 PM) imjesusonxtc: you got it
(11:15:31 PM) djriggz: thanks
(11:15:50 PM) imjesusonxtc: not a problem i dont like it when people dont get what they pay for, money is tight everywhere
(11:16:11 PM) djriggz: yes
(11:16:43 PM) djriggz: i've had the feeling that i got taken for since you said you never got it
(11:16:52 PM) djriggz: then i couldn't get contact you
(11:17:05 PM) imjesusonxtc: yeah that sucks man
(11:17:08 PM) djriggz: i sent an email to [email protected] is that not you?
(11:17:09 PM) imjesusonxtc: i appologise
(11:17:33 PM) imjesusonxtc: thats me but i literally just got back online this week and havent even gotten to my email yet
(11:17:38 PM) djriggz: oh ok
(11:18:24 PM) djriggz: well, i will put a hold on the investigation then
(11:18:32 PM) imjesusonxtc: had to shell out dough on a new PC my power supply went and when i replaced it the HD had crashed
(11:19:21 PM) djriggz: and once this is resolved I will let the bersatalk.com admins know things were worked out
(11:19:35 PM) imjesusonxtc: cool
(11:20:25 PM) djriggz: i hate to go through all the trouble and destroy a man's name, if it was just a simple misunderstanding
(11:20:59 PM) imjesusonxtc: understood, but you have the right man, if i didnt get something i paid good $ for id be pissed
(11:21:20 PM) djriggz: no doubt
(11:21:57 PM) imjesusonxtc: word
(11:21:58 PM) djriggz: well, thank you for tracking this down.
(11:22:09 PM) imjesusonxtc: np man, thanks for getting a hold of me
(11:22:14 PM) djriggz: np
(11:22:17 PM) djriggz: talk to you later
(11:22:25 PM) imjesusonxtc: allright man, Late


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Always thought he was pretty straight up. Hmm, fishy fishy shit.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. He's been here quite some time and I'm sure just this thread will make him rethink the position he's put himself in.

Don't let your rep be ruined dude. Pay this man back his cash.

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i bought a billet bowtie from him also. about a month went by after i paypaled him and didnt hear a thing from him. then after about 5-6 weeks it finally showed up and it was for a fullsize. instead of even bothering with trying to get it taken care of through him i decided to just sell it myself.

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wierd...me and steve have made several deals over the years....he even sent me a couple toad/frog decoration gifts last year:)
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