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It’s extremely difficult to remove any other way @chevymec. Prying it outta there ain’t gonna happen..it’s too deep and there’s nothing to use as a fulcrum point..The alternative is dismantling the gear box itself and coming at it from the top… there’s probably another trick but out of the truck the only other way I know of is taking the top off,removing the sector shaft,then knocking the seal out from the other side… I reckon it’s kinda a lost art. nobody I work with has ever seen anyone fix the gearbox itself before lol. nowadays people replace em. that’s what made me think to post it. Hope it saves someone some money
Had to replace the lower bearings in the steering racks on a handful of GM fwd models. Luckily GM sent a special tool to pull them out. If they didn't, not sure it was able to be done otherwise. I worked with a few old school guys when I got started, they knew some tricks like this.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts