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Steering electrical connector

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I'm swapping the tilt steering column from my 98 step side for a 2001 tilt column among other things. The bulk electrical connector refuses to come apart after I've removed or disconnected everything that looked like it held it together including the wire separators. I don't want to damage it so any clue as to what I'm overlooking...I might add that my eye sight isn't what it used to be.
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Is this the one with the bolt in the middle? I usually remove the connector so it's hanging loose and pull it apart that way.
Bolt is a 7mm (I think a 5/32 fits too). I hit it with my 1/4" drive drill that I keep a 7mm on all the time. It will pull right out with a bit of effort after that.
Oh, you mean that bright shiny 7mm staring me right in the face...time to get myself a nice LED work light instead of working in the shadows... a somewhat embarrassed Thank you guys!
I use a small LED flashlight in my mouth. Walmart has some for $1 that work real good. When the batteries die I throw them away and get clean ones. 3 AAA's can cost a buck depending on where you get them. Even in 30 packs they're over 30 cents each. Well maybe not at HF, but those don't last very long.
I've been thinking about one of those LED head lights , if I can find one compact and lite enough not to be in my way. I've started buying all AA & AAA re-chargeable batteries, it pays off in the long run and I always have charged batteries. Anyway, steering column is out of 98. I've decided to use everything I can off the 2001, un damaged wiring harness, tilt wheel, dash, etc.
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