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My truck has been sitting in the driveway for the past 3 years while I was working on it. I live in southern california so the elements arnt that rough, just rain.

So my question is: what things should I check before I start up my truck? I already drained the old gas and put in a new battery. I was thinking I should change the spark plugs and oil then give it a shot.


i saw what you did there!
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new gas

good battery

oil change if its dark

make sure water is ok

fire in the hole

will fire up within a coupel or three tries, and will be fine if the engine is good

bene here done this a million times and with engines that sat not runnign for a hell lot longer than only 3 years

wil be fine unless its rusted locked up from water getting in it

in fact just two days ago i fired up a 94 bronco with 302 FI after it sat since 2007 not running and all i did was spray ether in the throttle body and fired it up

no issues

runs perfect but teh old gas smelt like burning lumber

put new gas in it and sold the truck for 1500 bucks

the oil still looked brand new so i left it alone

only paid 200 for it

purrs like a kitten

total investment: 200 plus 10 bucks gas

Better post-em.
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i wouldnt be worried about the engine a whole lot, just get rid of that gas and change the oil. plugs dont go bad with time. (wires may but prolly ok)

check vacum lines and wires for mice chewing

make sure the brakes work. first handful of stops are gonna sound nasty from rust buildup.

better hope u didnt set the parking brake when u parked it...

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I would pour a LITTLE oil(same weight you use which is 5w30) in each cylinder to help lube the wall. It will run rough at first but PLEASE let it idle and DO NOT touch the throttle. It'll smooth out within minutes if it had no issues. New fluids are recommended, oil, trans, rear axle, brake, power steering.

After fresh fluid and proper bleeding, you will want to drive slow to where you can get out and stop the truck to ensure brake system still works.

Oil filter, air filter, fuel filter.

This is just since you will start driving again, it's ideal to start fresh.

Then tune up after that and you should be good to go.
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