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My 2002 4.3 95,000 miles runs like a champ, I've done a ton of work to it. Just came back from a trip that added 1200 miles.

Issue I still have with it, I often need to crank it twice to start after its sat overnight.

I can hear the fuel pump kick on and the fuel filter has been replaced. Plugs, wires, whole distributor, cap and rotor, PCV valve, MAF, tensioner pulley and serpentine belt all new (in last 3000 miles) and I even cleaned the throttle body. If I turn the key to power, leave it for a moment, then turn it off, then back to power for a few seconds, then crank it, it usually starts maybe with a little coughing, followed by no issues with starting for the rest of the day. If I try to just immediately crank it, it'll just crank and crank and crank. If I do that, then off, then crank again it starts like normal.

I'm moving out of the country in a few months, so I plan to sell it. I'd like to get the issue fixed first if possible. If you think its the fuel pump, then I may just alert the next buyer and deduct $500 from the asking price, I'm not messing with that where I currently live. If its the fuel injectors, maybe Seafoam it? I know theres are some Die-Hard Anti-Seafoamers in here, but I imagine the one thing Seafoam would actually be good for is un-gunking injectors and lines.

Ideas, thoughts?

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Since you say it runs fine other than having to cycle the key after a long sit, I will say the check valve in the fuel pump has gone bad.

If it had some run problems, I would maybe say to check the fuel pressure regulator for leakage. Cant remember if you can see the regulator if you pull the throttle body or not.

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Another potential aid is to practice what should be done with almost ANY fuel injected engine - Turn the ignition on but do not crank (operate the starter), then wait two seconds for the fuel pump to prime the system (build fuel pressure). Try starting after the prime cycle to see if the problem is resolved.

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check your fuel pressure with a gauge at the schrader.
no gauge? rent one for free at the parts store.
theres a sticky in the 4.3 section by user named 'burned', just follow that and report back.

sounds like a fuel issue... but it could be anything. best to take care of it now before you get stranded.
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