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Spark plugs/wires installation on a 98 2.2

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HOW TO:plugs/wires on a 98 2.2

Time: approx 1-2 hours

What you need:

3/8ths ratchet, 5/8ths plug socket, 6in+ extension, 3/8ths wobble, plug gapper, plug grease, 4 plugs (I used stock 41-948 delco's), set of wires
(additional: marker, jack, stands, screwdriver, knife)


- Start off by removing the intake assembly, and securely jacking and supporting the front end of the truck. Remove front pass tire. Clean engine bay of dirt and loose debris.

- You now have access to the coils through the front wheelwell.

- Remove plug wires; I find its easy to just cut the wire with a knife and pull them out, instead of threading the boots through the maze of crap in the engine bay.
- Inspect wires. Note anything frayed, cut, worn out, rubbed etc. If theyre in good shape you may reuse wires, but they are cheap so just replace them.
Bad #1 wire:

- Note length of new wires, two short ones are #1 and #2, the middle is #3, and the long is #4. Put plug grease on each connection.

- Mark wires on BOTH ends with marker. You can use colored zip ties, anything that identifies which wire it is.

- Reroute wires. Its a pain on this engine, you need to be as close to the original routing as possible. Be mindful of anything that moves, heat sources, etc.. Avoid kinks, sharp bends.
- Reattach wires to coils in the proper order.



- Simple; remove old plugs, put in new plugs. Use at least a 6" extension and put a wobble joint between extension and plug socket.

- Remove and inspect plugs.
http://www.ultralightnews.ca/articles/readingsparkplugs.htm <--Diagnosing spark plugs

- Properly gap new plugs (.060 for 98 2.2's)

- FINGER START new plugs, use a snug rubber hose to help for difficult to reach plugs. Gently tighten new plugs, torque to 16-18 ft/lbs (snug tight, not much force).
- Reattach new wires in proper order.


Reassemble anything you removed and you're done.
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thanks this is simple thanks for the tips
16 year old thread...no pics to boot. Please do not bump them.

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