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spare tire 15" not donut, to fit 2/3 drop on x with stock wheels? confusing??help!!

Alright here is the deal. I have a 2000 x that is dropped 2/3. I have 225/50/16 inch tires on there now.

I dont have the little donut anymore. I want to buy a spare tire and rim to fit on there. I dont know what size can fit ther without rubbing because of the sidewall change?

I dont want to buy another stock x wheel cause there really expesive. I want to buy like a 15" or 14" if they made a 14" s10 wheel, at a junkyard.

I need a tire to fit that rim and still be able to use it without rubbbing when i need it as spare so it is like a full size spare.

I hate riding on a donut, and i the cable actually broke and i lost my donut.
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