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Sources for odd OEM fasteners

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Where do you source new, odd or hard-to-find OEM fasteners?

I know junkyards are always an option for used. I also know Au-ve-co manufactures a ton of OEM fasteners and you can use their catalog to start your search for a retailer for new. However, I found a small body bolt used in multiple locations on my 96 Sonoma, and I am a bit surprised to find apparently no sources for it new, and absolutely zero mention of it anywhere.

M4.2-0.79 x 15mm SEMS CA point, 7mm indented hex head, 12 mm washer, phosphate finish

M4.2-0.79 is essentially 8-32, but the 7mm indented hex head seems to be the deal-breaker.

This is not very important. I originally figured I could add them to an order for some of the other fasteners I need, like those m8-1.25 extruded U-nuts that, people who deal with rust, break when removing wheelhouses in S-series vehicles. A brief, initial search turned up nothing, then it became a bit of an obsession to locate a source for these little body bolts. Shrug.
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If you have a Fastenal local to you that’s where I usually go, they always seem to have what I’m looking for. Recently I needed the torx head bolts for my roof rack and they had just what I was looking for.
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My local Napa has a book and section full of fasteners you can look at and compare what you have/need.
I go to the junkyard or the dealer. I've gotten halfway decent with the online dealer parts catalogs, but they're still not easy to navigate and don't always have all the fasteners.
Thanks for the comments/suggestions.

I agree some of the online parts catalogs are hard to navigate. However, I have been considering saving some of the more detailed parts diagrams while they are still available.

Regarding the specific fastener that was bugging me; I found its GM part number is 15974784. No surprise; it was discontinued long ago. I had the specifications correct except for length. It is listed as 16mm as opposed the 15mm I measured. Its diameter and pitch combination seems to be a bit uncommon. I will likely, gently treat with phosphoric acid and reuse any corroded ones I have. If I forget about them in the acid, and leave them in more than a day, the threads may disappear, and eventually the whole screw.
I'm getting a couple hits on that part number googling including an online dealer. Might be worth calling a local dealer as they can typically ship in any part another dealer has on their shelf. If you want new I'm still seeing options out there.
Thank you. I also saw a couple GM online parts supplier websites indicating they were in stock. I am a bit doubtful, though. One of them is GMPartsGiant. I read reviews of that company stating orders were placed for hard to find items, only find out later they were not in stock and not available.
That's why I suggest calling the local dealer. If it's at another dealer in stock they will know and most of the time on small parts like fasteners they're just as cheap as the online dealers due to shipping charges.

I also found this site listing some. Maybe a bit more than the dealer, but looks like they actually have some.

Thanks. I saw that listing also.
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