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Hello all,
My leafs in the back of my sonoma are sagging and squeaking bad. Haven't gotten around to looking at the bushings and all yet but I'm assuming they're bad.

I looked around and found on this forum a similar thread where people talked about using Silverado /other 1/2 ton leaf packs on their s10s/etc. I have a constant load of about 200-250 lbs at minimum in my bed due to a camping setup I've got. It squats right now pretty bad, don't have a pic to show right now.

What is the best donor to pull 1/2 tons off of (if any) or even stiffer packs would work? Probably going to grab the replacements from the local yard and maybe replace the bushings. I'm just not sure which 1/2 & 3/4 ton model leaf packs will fit my Zr2. Anyone have any ideas?
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